Real Estate and property in Kannur

Sun Village is a 3.5 acre of rocky real estate in Kannur which got developed into a small residential community. Houses of varying sizes are clustered around a common garden adapting the simple architecture of Kerala as a binding factor .Each house are custom designed individually considering the actual requirements of the particular families need and aspirations.The layout is simple and flexible for future addition of space. The roads and pathways in the site are maintained as laterite metalled road, which is the naturally occurring material on the site. The garden and the lawn area is designed to be at the lower end of the plot, where it slopes towards to utilize all rain water. Rainwater is channelized into a rainwater storage tank, recharge the vegetation and charge the ground directly. Even though it is a traditional construction style, all the materials were able to be procured in the 100 km radius and utilized the local workforce. Real Estate in Kannur developed by SB Developers.